I am delighted to say that I am offering a variety of tuition on zoom. Read on for details of weekly drawing classes, pastel demos, private tuition, and zoom pastel demos for art groups

Drawing classes

The aim of these classes is to get us all improving our drawing skills with a variety of subjects.  Drawing is a wonderful way to focus your mind, and to create art without the pressure of trying to ‘produce a masterpiece’.
It takes less energy, and can be therapeutic, rewarding, and fun… 
Each class is recorded so that you can view it afterwards if you have registered for the event.

You can do just one class, or do them each week to build up your skills. Cost per class £10. The next ones are below, nd also a list of the previous classes, which you can now buy as recordings. 

Class 10, Water

Class 10, Sketching water in the landscape, from the river to the sea. Using charcoal and soft pastel to develop techniques and mark-making.

Wednesday 19th May 2021
10.30am London time
A recording is available afterwards if you have registered for the class.

In this class we will be sketching water, in charcoal and soft pastel. We will look at techniques and mark-making, and how to capture different types of water in the landscape. From twisting streams and rapid rivers, down to calm harbours, and waves on the beach.

We will be working in charcoal and pastel, and looking at the advantages of using a minimal palette. We will then transfer these techniques into full colour.

You do not need to have all of the materials that I am using, and you could do a lot of the class with just charcoal and a light soft pastel. If working in colour, you will need a range of soft pastel colours, including blues and greens.

We will work on a mid-tone grey tinted paper. It could be any pastel paper or sugar paper.

The class information gives a detailed list of the materials that I will be using if you would like to get some of them before the class.

This is the link to see more details for this class and to book
We using Eventbrite for you to access the classes and all the resources that you need.
Cost £10 per class
Class lasts an hour and a half to 2 hours. 

A recording of each class will be available for those who have registered for the event.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about the classes or about using zoom. We can help you with both, and I hope to see you soon

Class 11, Trees

Wednesday 2nd June

Class 11, will be about drawing trees, more details to follow soon!


Previous classes

As these classes have proved to be so popular, I have made the previous classes available as recordings. You can pay by bank transfer or by cheque to view these classes. They are zoom recordings, made during the pandemic, and will be available to view for 6 months from the date of the original class.
£10 per class, please get in touch if you would like to do so; rebeccademendonca@gmail.com

Class 1, Spot the Difference
Drawing fruit and vegetables to learn to observe and draw what is really there.
We will be using willow charcoal and pencil on cartridge paper

Class 2, Getting in Shape
Using still life objects to look at shapes and how to draw ellipses. Simplifying and then looking for the structure. How to convey 3 dimensions, and how much light and dark really matter.
We will also experiment with combining pastel pencil and a white soft pastel with charcoal, and how to use an eraser as a drawing tool.

Class 3, How does it Feel?
We will be looking at texture, weight and energy, and varying our mark-making to draw with more expression.
Is it heavy or light? Strong or fragile? Spikey or soft? We can describe not just what something looks like, but also what it feels like with our drawing techniques.
We will be using willow charcoal or pencil on cartridge paper and doing some experiments on tinted paper. We will also be combining pastel pencil and white soft pastel with charcoal, and a black and a grey hard pastel.

Class 4, Get your Boot On
From glamorous high heels to old boots, shoes are really good fun to draw. We will start by looking at the complex shapes they form, and then draw several different types.
This class will range from pencil sketches, to working bigger with charcoal, pastel pencil and a few soft and hard pastels, in black, white and grey.

Class 5, Pen and Ink with charcoal and pastels
Pen and Ink is a great medium for drawing detailed subjects, but also for capturing the beauty of lines. It combines easily with charcoal and pastel to create sketches that have detail as well as looseness and atmosphere.
In this class we will be using one or two inexpensive pens, as well as charcoal, pastel pencils and a few soft pastels.

Class 6, Portraits; structure and proportions
In this class we will be studying the proportions and structure of the head and face, to capture the likeness and mood of our subjects. Working in black and white, we will draw portraits with pencil and charcoal, and also use a mixture of Conte crayon, a white pastel and a couple of pastel pencils. We will be using cartridge paper, and also a tinted pastel paper for the last piece.

Class 7, Portraits; features and using colour
In this portrait class we will be studying features, and how they sit within the structure of the face. We will be drawing with charcoal and pastel pencils, and then use a mixture of pastel pencils OR Conte crayons and also soft pastels to create a piece in colour.

Class 8, Skies; clouds, light and atmosphere
In this class we will be studying skies, in charcoal and soft pastel. We will look at cloud formations, composition, and how to capture light and atmosphere.
You do not need to have all of the materials that I am using, and you could do a lot of the class with just charcoal or a soft graphite pastel. However, you will find it very useful to have a soft white pastel, and to use charcoal if possible rather than graphite pencil.
We will work on cartridge paper and a mid-tone grey tinted paper. It could be any pastel paper or sugar paper.




Demos for art groups

I am very happy to offer zoom demos or art groups. Please get in touch to discuss how I can give a demo that would suit your group. 

One to one zoom tuition

I am also offering one-to-one tuition on zoom, where you can send me images of your artwork by email, and then we can discuss them on zoom, with demonstrations from me to explain what you can do to improve. I have an overhead camera, so it is very easy to show and explain at the same time. Please email or call me if you are interested in this. rebeccademendonca@gmail.com
One-to-one tuition £30 per hour.