The New Pastel School Courses

I got together 10 years ago with my great friend and fellow pastellist  Nel Whatmore,  to start the The New Pastel School, after 30 years of friendship and mutual respect for each other’s work. Our ‘in person’ courses have offered the unusual experience of having  two experienced pastel artists sharing the tuition, and combining our expertise and great enthusiasm for this exciting medium.

We have loved sharing our skills, and working together. However, 10 years on, we don’t have quite so much energy! So we are taking a break from the in-person courses together.

In-person courses in Devon
I will be continuing to offer a few in-person courses in Devon, and also my monthly zoom pastel workshops.

Zoom workshops
You can find out more about the monthly zoom workshops here

We will both be offering mentoring, for our students to develop their work.
Nel will be working with students individually, and you can email her to find out more at
You can find out more about Nel’s amazing work on her website

I will be mentoring with Mastrius, starting on 20th November!
I am delighted and very excited, to have been invited to be an artist’s mentor for  Mastrius. It will all be done in live sessions via zoom, and I will be mentoring a group of up to 8 aspiring artists, helping them with developing their skills.

The company has a wonderful culture of encouragement and understanding, and was started by an artist who realised how hard it is to work alone (as we do) and make progress without a bit of help.
So if you feel that you are contemplating venturing out into the World with your art, maybe to get some cards made, or to do some shows, and think that I could help you, take a look at their website and how it works.
Although they are based in Canada, it is all done on zoom, at monthly meetings. Mastrius also has the most amazing community, with lots of events to attend.

Having acquired a few mentors of my own this year, I am very aware of how powerful they can be, so I am really looking forward to getting started with this in November!
You can find out more about it here

If you would like to find out more about the New Pastel School, and see Nel’s work, please take a look at the website here.
If you have any questions, you can call Rebecca on 0771 958595 or Nel on 0780 1051468e