Pastels for Beginners Video Course Part 1 & 2


Combined course, part 1 and 2

In part 1, we will be looking at different types of pastels and surfaces, and there are exercises for different techniques, drawing on mid toned paper and how to vary the pressure of your marks.
We will be finishing with a project about choosing and mixing colours from the box, with a landscape piece to put that into practice.

Part 1 should give you a really good foundation and the confidence to go onto part 2.

Part 2 consists of 4 projects, starting with the last one from Part 1, how to choose and mix colours, and use them in a landscape. 
(Feel free to skip this, if you are coming straight from the first video. However, it is a great refresher and a warm-up for the rest of the course.) The other projects are; a woodland scene, a lovely dog, and a child playing on the beach.
All include tips on mark-making, textures and drawing.
So there is a range of subject matter with a range of techniques.

Length of video course

Part 1 & 2 combined – 4 hours 35 minutes