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Shortlisted for Artist of the Year 2019 with one of this series, Rebecca loves to capture the atmospheric light and atmosphere of beautiful architecture, from street scenes in London, Barcelona, Exeter and Italy. Her interiors convey the mysterious feeling of historic houses, cathedrals and museums.

‘I learnt my understanding of perspective from my father, a highly creative architect, but my interest in people came from my mother. In my People and Places series I feel that I can combine both of these. I love ‘people watching’, seeing how they stand, sit, interact and how very different they all are. Combine that with beautiful light, and the possibilities are endless.’
These pastel paintings are created with professional quality Unison pastels, charcoal and Conte Crayons on pastel primers painted onto card. The colours are made with premium pigments, and are colourfast.
Work is available mounted and wrapped, or framed behind glass.
Each painting can be purchased by clicking on the ‘inquire’ button.

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