Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are having to postpone these events for the Spring and Summer. However, I am happy to take booking for next year and also to postpone ones from this year to new dates next year. My prices for 2021 will stay the same as those for 2020. I cannot wait for us to be meeting up and creating art together again!

I am always happy to tailor a demonstration, talk or workshop to the interests of a group, and have a variety of different subject matter that I can demonstrate.

2020 fees are £140 per demo, £240 per workshop plus travel at 30p per mile.

I can provide all good quality materials for workshops at an extra cost per person, to encourage people who are new to pastels to come and have a go without having to go to the expense of buying a set of pastels just for the day. Cost per person is usually £5 for pastels and surfaces. I can also provide reference materials.

Subject matter can include Animal, Figures, Landscapes (which includes choosing and mixing colours), Portraits, or could just be ‘Life and Energy in Pastels’.

Call Rebecca on 01392 840132 for a chat if you have any questions, or email rebeccademendonca@gmail.co